mardi 4 décembre 2007


You did it, you're in Business! Congratulations. Now what? Well, you'll probably want to sell your services-goodies-gizmo. That is, if you want to stay in your new position!

Let's talk about your first promotional tools (promo in short). First off, as mention in a previous article, you'll need to do a market research before investing in any promos. You're in business to make money, not to burn it or trowing it away in useless tools!

So first off, let's ask the real questions:

1- Who is your targeted market?
2- What are their buying habits?
3- When do they buy?
4- What are you selling?
5- What Tone is appropriate for your overall look (I'll get to that later)?

If you haven't got the answer to those questions, then there's no use to create empty promo tools. Get your market-study going, then come back later to read this :)

Have you notice that I haven't ask what were your taste visually? What the on going trend was? Thought it can be useful to know, keep in mind that Promo tool are all about your future clients, their needs, their buying habits. Your promos are kinda like what we French folks refer to an «avant-goût» which literally translate to a before-taste, or Tongue teaser. Which now you can tell why knowing what your clients like is meaningful: you don't want them to say «yucky» while «tasting» to your tongue teaser!

Next? Well, you'll have to make choices! If your a freelancer, small business owner or even a big company owner, I guess you're on a budget! Especially when talking about marketing! So to help you make those choices, here is a round-up first-promo-list.

1- The business card AKA your best marketing friend.

Business card SHOULD BE your FIRST promo EVER. Easy choice huh? There's A LOT to chat about business cards. Like a whole post. Coming soon, I promise!

2- Website

Websites are costly and they DO NOT guaranty sales. If you're not HTML-CSS savy and that you don't have the budget to hire a webmaster/web designer (1000 up to 25000$) then some cheap solution exists. You can open a free account at Blogger and create a business blog to show off your talent-services-goodies. You can also set up an Etsy shop if you sell handmade goods. You can go to Ebay also. There are tons of «portfolio» websites where you can have a webpage. Some are free, some demand monthly fees. But I do recommend that once you have a budget for a website, that you hire a pro to do it. You DON'T want to have an unprofessional image overall, or to have a non-user friendly website (ie: malfunctioning cart, weird navigation system).

3- Mailout and Newsletters

I've put those in the same group: Mailout and Newsletter are WORTHLESS if they are not sent to targeted clients. I'm not a strong beleiver in purchased newsletter or mail-out lists (yes, those exists!); when I receive an unwanted newsletter or ad in my inbox (and I receive them by the hundreds) I am bothered by it, and think SPAM (thanks God for Spam filters!). The same goes with the weekly Mailout I receive which go directly in my recycling bin. What a waste! BUT, and this is very important, if you manage to make people want to subscibe to your Newsletter or mailout, then we're talking! Picture this, those folks want to know the wereabout of your goodies/services! Che-ching!, if you excuse the expression!

4- Etc.

And by etc, I mean all the remaining promo you can thing about. It can be an ad in your local newspaper, a pen with your sparkly logo on it, Postcards, Radio ad, a look-book... Really, the sky is the limit (or most certainly your budget!) Be intelligent in your promo sending though: target to whom you will sent them (do your research! How many people read the magazine you want to place an ad in?), target the moment you will sent it (don't send your promo for an editorial on your Chrismas lights in December! Too late!), target your promo to the right person (don't send your look-book to the receptionnist!).

Wow! This is a long article! Ok, I'll finish this one with the Tone of your promo. What I mean by this is that different people will be interpelled by different images. Think of it as a bait (sorry for this terrible analogy, I coudn't find a better one!). The tone acts as a bait to attract the right customers (like your targeted customers, hopefully!). Time for some visual example you say? Okay!
Example 1:

Example 2:
Ok, so these are basic Letterheads, logo and business cards with the same information on them (Truc Muche means Gizmo in French). Now, see the difference? Colors, fonts, layout. They give a very different vibe to the promos, don't they? That's the tone. Different markets and customers, different tone.

I hope this was usefull for you! This was a crash course, I've only scrached the surface of it! I'll chat more about promo in the futur. Feel free to ask questions in the comment area or simply put some comments or request. Anything you would like to know or chat about in a futur article?

samedi 13 octobre 2007

5 Creative online marketing tips for creative professionals

Being a freelance professional = multi-tasking. Yes, we have to take care of the bills, meet clients, do some market research and promote the heck out our services. And actually work, obviously.

So finding new clients and «getting out there» often seems like, umm, desperation? Let us not despair: There are literally Tons of ways to promote online. Here are some which I've tested and which I invite you to discover. Most of them are free or really cheap.

1- Blogs
Blogs are personal web-logs, kinda like a diary. But they can become a promotional venniu if you use it to let your customer know about your products. I regularly post new illustrations on my blog Pot-aux-roses. If you don't have a website yet, a blog can put you on the online map, so to speak. You can get free accounts with Blogger and set up your blog pretty easily.
You can also create a blog for information purpose (like this one you are reading :)) If you are a professional or have extended knowledge in something, well a blog can drive to your website(s) a good amount of traffic.

You can also comment on other blogs. Now, this is more tricky, as it is regarded impolite to do some shameless promotion on a blog that is not your own. But an intelligent comment with a link to your own blog-website in the signature is ok.

2- Portfolio sites
There are a lot of website where you can create an account to then upload pictures of your product on your page. Some Portfolio sites opt for a screening process which you need to apply for. Other don't. Here's a list of some of those websites:

Etsy is like an online craft market. You can find almost everything you can imagine IF it's handmade. You can set up a shop and sell your goodies there; they take a small commission fee when you sell something. It's a real Easy Peasy set up and they have manage to create a thriving online community. This year I was thinking to do ALL my holiday shopping there!

4- Online Forums
Online forums are communities in which you can post comments, you have to once again create an account in order to do so. These place are little gold mines because lots of experience people can give you professional advices (or not!). In my first year of business, I've joined the Switchboards and learned priceless how-to in marketing, tips on managing a small business. I highly recommend it!

5- Editorials blogs
Now this is a subject which will need an entire post to deal with! All I'll say here is, in my experience, getting online press has been really awesome (brought me sales every time and unlike online ads, it doesn't cost a dime!) but it demands a lot of time to manage. So keep posted, I'll chat a bit more about it later.

So voilà! In my experience, promoting online isn't quite enought tought, you still have to promote also with promo material such as business cards, postcards. In another post I'll chat more about fist promo tools to have when starting up a business.

mercredi 10 octobre 2007

I'm not late, I'm a perfectionist!

Yes I have an annoying problem with time, as a lot of entrepreneur have: seems I don't have enough of it! And lately, my «normal» 8am to 8pm work schedule isn't working for me anymore. Oh no, I -sigh- am -I hate to say it- TIRED (damn!)!

Well recently, being tired and having to stop, I had time to think more, think about my time management problem. Why do I have the feeling that I'm always running late, or that I can't manage to do all my to-do list?

Well, the obvious answer: Exactly!

I'm always running late and I can't manage my 20 daily to-do list. Now the less obvious question: How come?

And to that: I'm a perfectionist (damn again!) and I am easily distracted.

I have an important meeting? Schedule at 9 am? Well, I've better wake up early! I can't open the TV (devilish distraction), had to have prepared my material the day(s) before and opening my computer that morning is out of the question! So everything has to be perfect, I can't forget anything, have to look pro and comfy (disaster if it's a PMS day!) and, oh no, must not miss my bus!

And my 20 to-do list? Obviously, I'm not an octopus (though I'm sure the Chinese missed that critter in their astrology!) so 20 things to do is, well, plain impossible! And my distracted mind being, well, «away» mostly, I tend to start something, change room and forget what I was doing, so starting another task to then have a light bulb moment and remember whatever I was doing. I am wasting time people!

So what are my options? I mean, besides the shrink and pills :)

Here I give you my Less than 20 how-to-manage-my-time item list
1- Be real: expand my 20 to do list from a daily to a weekly thing.
2- Stop obsessing about minor detail: only you see them and nobody gives a sh...
3- If you think it's gonna take you doing a task, double that time.
4- Have a deadline you don't think you can meet? Ask for help!
5- Too much perfectionism = obsessive-compulsiveness. Note to self: I don't want to become insane.
6- Organization is good. Using your organization-gizmo to actually save time is better. Having too much organization-gizmo will somehow waste your time, so purge some (it will also clean up your hardrive)!
7- Celebrate your small accomplishments: positive reimforcement works, even when doing it on self.
8- Here's a tought: REST! When you're rested, you tend to be more concentrated and effecient the next day!
9- Stop taking on jobs-task-craft lessons if you can't managed the load! Add one only when one is done.
11- Stop trying to find more items to this list if you can't find more; you can always come back later!

Voilà, I'm going back to my work now; yes, this was not planned in my daily to-do schedule, but, you know, though I'm self confessed distracted perfectionnist, I also like to have some fun in my day!

mardi 14 août 2007

Business blog reads

Here are some Blogs which I read regularly, about women and business. So there is the excellent Anti 9 to 5 guide from Michelle Goodman. Also of interest, Boss Lady, from Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears.

mercredi 8 août 2007

Prochain Crea Camp

Creacamp, Sept. 22 2007

J'y serai et ferai une présentation de mes projets/démarches/lubies....

mardi 31 juillet 2007


I don't know if it's only me, but I find myself wanting to meet other creative entrepreneure in my region.

So, not so long ago, I've found Creacamp trough M-C's blog. Last week, I've been to my first Creacamp, in the Lafontaine Parc, and It was sweet to meet new and interresting people. So it's a gathering of creative businesswomen here in Montreal where we can talk about issues we meet while pursuing our carreers.

Next Creacamp will be september 22nd: if you are in the region and would like to attend, you have to reserve your place. You can do that on the website or by logging on your Facebook account and joining the creacamp group.

So there. I hope I'll meet some of you there :) If you have some questions, don't hesitate to ask, I'll be glad to point you in the right direction.

Je sais pas si je suis la seule, mais je ressens de plus en plus le besoin de rencontrer d'autres femmes d'affaire créatives.

Il y'a pas si longtemps, j'ai découvert sur le blogue de M-C le Creacamp. La semaine passée, je suis allée à mon premiers Créacamp (au Parc Lafontaine cette fois-ci) et c'était franchement motivant de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes intéressantes. Le Creacamp est donc un rassemblement de femmes d'affaires créatives ici à Montréal où nous discutons des bons et des travers de notre carière.

Le prochaine Créacamp aura lieu le 22 septembre: si vous êtes de (ou dans!) la région et que vous aimeriez y participer, vous devez réserver votre place. Vous pouvez le faire en visitant le site web de ou en vous loggant à votre compte Facebook et et joignant le groupe de Creacamp.

Voilà! J'espère vous rencontrer là! Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à demander, je vous dirigerai de mieux que je peux dans la bonne direction!

samedi 21 juillet 2007

Retour sur jeudi passé///what happened last Thursday

Mouais, bon. J'étais trop émotive pour en parler.

J'avais donc appliqué pour la mesure STA (soutient au travailleur autonome), ce qui m'aurait facilité la tâche point de vu finances et tracas de démarrage en général. Je me suis préparée pendant un mois intensif, croulant sous les lettres de recommandation, les intentions de contrats, les sondage, recherches et tout et tout. Je me pointe à la CDEC Rosemont/Petite-Patrie pour rencontrer le comité de sélection (ils m'ont d'ailleur fait attendre pendant 45 minutes, il y avait un membre en retard!), bien préparée, nerveuse mais bon, qui ne le serait pas?

Je crois avoir bien «performée» pendant cette rencontre. Ils prennent leur décision dans la journée même.

Et puis, l'appel, la négation. Cette semaine, j'ai reçu la lettre polie du refus.

La morale de cette histoire: trouver du financement, c'est long, stressant. J'étais bien préparée, mais je n'ai pas su les convaincre de la rentabilité de mon projet, ni de sa viabilité (leur termes). Mais ils sont prêts à reconsidérer si je change (presqu'au complet) les bases de celui-ci. C'est franchement déprimant. Mais bon, je me retrousse les manches et je reparts, je me re-focusse. Et je me donne des vacances!
PS: Vous connaîtriez pas un riche mécène? ;)
So yeah, I was too emotional to talk last week.

I was going for the STA (which is money given to you each week, kinda like a salary for self-employed), which woulda greatly improve my situation, both monetarely and stresswise. I prepared myself a month before, swimming in surveys, letter of recommendations, research... I finally went to the CDEC Rosemont/Petite-Patrie to meet the selection comitee (they managed to make me wait for 45 minutes b/c one of their members was late!), so weel prepared, stressed, but who woudn't be?!

I thought I delievered a good performance in this meeting. They take their decision the same day.

And then, the call, negative, damn. This week I got the polite negative letter.

So what's to make of it? Finding financing is long and weary. I was well prepared,but I did not know to convince them of the profitability of my project, nor of his viability (their terms). But they may reconsider if I change (almost complete) the bases of my project. It's frankly depressing. But well, I roll up my sleeves and I just *keep swimming, just keep smimming*, and I re-focus myself. AND I'm taking well deserved vacations!

PS: You would any of you know a rich donator?;)

jeudi 12 juillet 2007

Roulements de tambours...///drumroll

I'm too pissed right now to write.
Tomorrow, maybe.
Je suis trop fâchée pour en parler.
Demain, peut-être.


Did you ever have a stressful feeling, you know, the one that makes you want to vomit? And makes you all sweaty. I do. And there's only one thing in my job that makes me feel that way: meeting comitees.

Today, I met the SAJE comitee because I want to have the STA subvention. Hum, I don't even know if that's the correct word for it! Anyway, as for now, I still don't know if I've got it, and I will have the anwser sometime this afternoon. Can it be more excrutiating? I think not!

So yeah, asking for money, not my thing! I don't know if it's the non-smiling faces or the deep will-you-make-a-dime questions that troubles me the most. Or the let's talk money gang! Yeah, I would rather talk about pixies and how the hell did unicorns come in the imaginary world than yes, I will make xillions of dollards based on this fact wich I could totally make up and can you please stop staring at me that way?

Think I need a confidence booster...or some boose! Anyway, I'll post later wtf happened!
Vous avez déjà eu un stress violent, vous savez, celui qui vous donne la nausée et vous fait transpirer comme jamais? Oui, bon, pour moi, il n'y a qu'une façon de l'expérimenter: rencontrer des comités.

Aujourd'hui, j'ai rencontrer le comité du SAJE afin d'avoir la subvention STA. Bref, pour l'instant, toujours pas de nouvelles, mais je devrais savoir cet après-midi si oui ou merde! je l'ai. Pourrais-je être plus anxieuse? Je ne le crois pas!

Alors, oui, demander de l'argent, pas ma tasse de thé! Je ne sais pas si c'est les faces sans sourire ou les questions oui-mais-allez-vous-vraiment-faire-un-rond qui me troublent le plus! Ou le parlons cash! Mouais, pour ma part, j'aimerais mieux parler de fées et lutin ou de comment diable les unicornes sont arrivées dans l'imaginaire collectif plutôt que oui, je ferai plein d'argent compte tenu de tels facteurs que je pourrais inventer et pouvez vous svp arrêter de me fixer de la sorte?

Je crois que j'ai besoin d'un boost de confiance...ou du vin! Bref, je posterai plus tard les résultats!

mardi 10 juillet 2007


I was watching tv today and It seems that more and more ads are becomming «spammy-ish». Did you notice the ads about «starting your home based business»? A month ago, their was only one of those, and now, tree website will sell you a workin-less, earn more pre-made recepeite and they are on the television selling you that load of c****.

These guys are pro in marketing stategies. Their ads are targeted, saying all the right things to let you think it's easy and you'll earn big time, big bucks. I assure you, it's them who are making big bucks!

Well, let me tell you, earning money takes time, efforts or/and lots of money. The easy, quick way are usually illegal :). So please, don't waste your time on these suckers!
Je regardais la télévision aujourd'hui et j'ai remarqué qu'il y a de plus en plus de publicité ressemblant à du SPAM. Avez-vous remarqué ces pubs sur les entreprises à la maison, sur les canaux anglais? Il y a un mois, il n'y en avait qu'une, maintenant, trois site web veulent vous vendre la philosophie du travaillez moins, gagnez plus, et ils sont à la TV pour vous vendre ces idioties.

Ces gens son des pros du marketing. Leur pubs sont hyper-ciblées, disant tout ce qu'il faut, ce qu'on veut entendre pour vous faire pensez qu'il est possible de gagner gros facilement. Je vous assure, les seuls qui font beaucoup d'argent, ce sont eux!

Faire un gros salaire ça demande temps(diplomes, expérience), des efforts et/ou déjà un paquet d'argent. En temps normal, les façons vite fait sont illégales! J'espère sincèrement que vous n'irez pas perdre votre temps précieux avec ces morons!

lundi 9 juillet 2007


Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire, trouver sa niche? Une niche, dans le monde fabuleux des affaires, c'est un marché précis de services ou de produits. Par exemple, vous pourriez être un vendeur de chapeaux. Le problème, c'est que dans la ville, il y a une centaine de commerçants qui vendent eux-aussi des chapeaux! Et, étant donné qu'ils sont en affaire depuis bien plus longtemps que vous, ils ont déjà une clientèle et, à moins qu'ils aient le service le plus pourri au monde, il y a peu de chances que leurs clients deviennent vos clients. Pensez-y: changeriez-vous vos habitudes de consommation du jour au lendemain? Si vous avez répondu oui, vous faites partie du très maigre 5% de la population qui s'aventure dans des magasins inconnus!
Quoi faire alors? Une solution parmi tant d'autres, c'est de préciser son marché. Vous pourriez par exemple vous spécialiser dans la vente de chapeaux rouges et devenir LA référence pour ce genre d'achat dans votre ville. Mais attention: le simple fait de trouver une niche ne veut pas dire que vous ferez des millions en vous spécialisant dans celle-ci!
En effet, avant de se lancer en affaire, il faut d'abord vérifier s'il existe une demande pour votre produit/service. Cette vérification se fait par une étude de marché. Cette étude est quasi capitale, puisqu'elle viendra appuyer votre projet, vous aidera dans la prise de décision et surtout, prouvera à vos futurs investisseurs que votre projet vaut la peine d'être financé. Certains hommes/femmes d'affaire paieront des dizaines de milliers de dollards pour qu'une firme spécialisée fasse les recherches pour eux. Cependant, je peux vous affirmer qu'il est possible de le faire sois-même si on sait où chercher et surtout, QUOI chercher. Je vous garantie que le faire sois-même vous donne l'avantage de connaître par la suite son marché sur le bout des doigts! Dans un prochain article: L'étude de marché: où commencer?
What does it mean, to find a niche? A niche, in the fabulous world of businesses, is a targeted market of services or products. For example, you could be selling some hats. The problem is that in the city, there is a hundred tradesmen who sell the exact same thing! And, since they are in business since much longer than you, they have already customers and, unless they have the worst service ever, there are few chances that their customers become your customers. Think quick: would you change your spending habits just this instant? If you answered yes, you belong to the very thin 5% of the population which ventures in unknown stores!
What to do then? A solution among much others, is to specify your market, thus finding a niche. You could for example specialize youself in the sale of red hats and become THE reference for this kind of purchase in your city. But beware: the simple fact of finding a niche does not mean you will make million out of it!
Indeed, before launching your business, you *should* initially check if there is a demand for your product/service. This is done trought a market research. This study is very important since it will support your project, will help you in the decision-making and mostly, will prove to your future investors that your project is worth there dime. Certain men/businesswomen will pay tens of thousands of dollards so that a specialized firm will make the research for them. However, I can affirm you that it is possible to make it by yourself, would you know where to seek your information and ,well, WHAT information to seek! I guarantee you that the DIY way will be at your advantage, as you will at the end know your market like kittens know milk! In a forthcoming article: The market research: where to start?

mercredi 4 juillet 2007

L'idée // The Idea - Part 2

(photo ©vparizeault)
Donc votre idée d'entreprise a émergée, elle devient de plus en plus obssédante. La suite? La mettre sur papier (podcast, vidéo, blogue). Et c'est à ce moment qu'on doit devenir plus que visionnaire: on doit devenir prévoyante!
Écrivez d'abord votre idée dans la forme la plus simple. Une phrase, deux au plus: le but c'est de préciser à la plus simple expression pour que non seulement elle soit claire pour vous, mais aussi pour la personne à qui vous allez en parler.
Ensuite, commencez à détailler votre idée d'entreprise: à quelle clientèle voulez-vous vous adresser, quels seront vos services, à quels coûts, quelle type d'entreprise vous voulez fonder. Plus il y aura des détails, plus il vous sera plus facile de passer à l'étape suivante, c'est-à-dire le plan d'affaire.
Si vous avez des doutes qu'en à la faisabilité de votre projet naissant, il existe des organismes qui peuvent valider votre projet d'entreprise. Par exemple, si vous demeurez à Montréal le SAJE montréal métro offre des atelier et des rencontres. Si vous êtes en région, contactez votre CLD ou emploi Québec, ils sauront vous orienter.
So your business idea has emerged and you're starting to become more and more obsessed by it. Great! So what's next? Well, it's time to put it all on paper (podcast, video, blog). And from here, you have to be more than a visionary: you have to become well-prepared!
First off, write your idea in the most elementary form. Just a sentence or two: what you have to acheive is a crystal clear view of it so it will be easy to explain it to yourself and, more importantly, to others.
Second, start putting details in the mix: what is the market you're aiming, who are your futur clients, what type of compagny you want to have. The more details, the simpler it will be to start next step: your business plan.
If you are having doubts about your business idea, some organization will help you to validate it. If you are in the Montreal region, the SAJE Montreal Metro gives some workshop and some meetings. If you are in Region, try contacting your local CLD or Emploi Québec, they will surely oriente you in the right direction.

Vente trottoir à la Plaza St-Hubert, juillet 2007//sale at the Plaza St-Hubert

Rose Flash sera à la vente trottoir sur la Plaza St-Hubert à Montréal du 4 juillet au 7 juillet, entre les rues Beaubien et Bellechasse. Promos et sourires sur place, venez me rencontrer!
Rose Flash will be at the summer sale at the Plaza St-Hubert in Montreal from July the 4th to July 7th, between Beaubien and Bellechasse. Promos and smiles on the site, come and meet me!

lundi 2 juillet 2007

Quotes//Citation - Sun Tzu

«Opportunities multiply as they are seized.»

«Les opportunités se multiplient lorsqu'elles sont saisies.»

Sun Tzu

mercredi 27 juin 2007

Anita Roddick //quote //citation

«Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that's exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking.»

«Personne ne parle de l'entrepreuneurship comme étant de la survie, cependant c'est exactement ce que c'est et c'est ce qui alimente la pensée créative.»

Anita Roddick

mardi 26 juin 2007

L'idée // The Idea - Part 1

Elle survient avant de se coucher, dans la douche, dans le metro. Elle arrive éclatante, moment absolut éclairé et tout semble possible à cet instant. Être entrepreuneure, c'est être créative. Mais cette idée qui en semble une de génie à cette seconde, qu'est-ce qu'on en fait?

Vous ai-je dis que j'ai une formation en enseignante en arts plastiques? Oui, Une formation universitaire de plus de 3000 heures plus tard, ce qui me fascine encore et toujours c'est le processus de création.

Vous savez, chacun a une variante d'un processus global qui passe par plusieurs phases, à savoir la phase d'ouverture (on est passif et réceptif. L'idée n'est pas encore formée), la phase d'action productive (l'idée a jaillit, nous sommes en productivité, élaboration, paufinnage)et enfin la phase de séparation(à ce moment, on décide que notre création est terminée, prête à voler de ses propre ailes). L'idée (EUREKA!) vient clore la phase d'ouverture. Et à travers chacune des phases, nous vivons des moments d'inspirations, d'élaboration d'idées et de distanciation. Ce processus est complexe, animé, requiert que nous faisions des choix, est boulversant, bref, est vivant.

Donc votre idée, elle est peut-être très intéressante, mais qu'allez-vous en faire? Cette projection vaut elle de passer à l'action?
It occurs before lying down, in the shower, in the subway. It arrives bright, absolute enlightened moment and all seems possible at this moment. To be entrepreuneure, it is to be creative. But this idea which seems now of one of genius, what will you make of it?

Have I told you that I have visual arts' teaching deploma? Yep, a College degree with more than 3000 hours of formation later, what fascinate me still and always is the process of creation.

You know, each one has an alternative of a global process which passes by several phases, namely the phase of opening (one is passive and receptive. The idea is not formed yet), the phase of productive action (the idea spouts out, we are in productivity, development) and finally the phase of separation (at this time, it is decided that our creation is finished, ready to fly of his clean wings). The idea (EUREKA!) comes at the end of the phase of opening. And through each phase, we live moments of inspirations, development of ideas and distance. This process is complex, is animated, requires that we make choices, is stessful, in short, is alive.

Thus your idea is perhaps very interesting, but what will you make of it? Is this projection worth it to pass into action?

lundi 25 juin 2007

À propos // About

Je vois que vous êtes curieux! C'est une bonne qualité lorsqu'on se lance en affaire! Une curiosité gourmande! Non, je ne suis pas une cuisinière, ni humoriste à en voir les jeux de mots douteux: je suis conceptrice de bijoux et aussi, comme bien des entrepreuneures, la femme à tout faire dans mon entreprise! Par ça j'entends: graphiste (j'ai un vrai diplome pour ça ), décoratrice, comptable, relationniste, secretaire, rédactionniste, photographe, programmeuse, acheteuse (j'en oublie sûrment des tonnes, mais vu le nombre de jobs que je fais, je n'ai plus le temps de les énumérées!).

Je suis une femme créative, débrouillarde et j'apprends tout les jours sur cette passion que j'ai pour l'entrepreuneurship. Tout ceci est un «work in progress» et j'espère pouvoir en inspirer quelques-unes à passer à l'action. N'hésitez pas à me poser des questions dans les commentaires, je vous répondrai au mieux de mes connaissances.

La tables est donc mise: croquons à notre succès!

I see that you are the curious type; great! It's an awsome quality when you're in business! So, no, I'm not a cook, I'm a designer AND the do-it-all in my company, like so many budding businesswomen. And by do-it-all, I meant that I'm the graphic designer (got my own diploma for that!), home designer, Pr person, secretary, writer, web savy girl, photograph, buyer and accountant (I,m sure I'm forgetting some, but du to my over-numbered job, I haven't have the time to write them all here!).

I'm creative and resourful and I'm learning every day about my passion: business. All of what you see here is a work in progress and I will hopefully inspire some women to take action in their dream. So don't hesitate to ask me your questions in the comment area, I will anwser with what I know.

The table is served: let's bite to our success!